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Our school

Аб школе

Schooldays of our childhood and youth are happy, joyful and rapid…

School continues to live it's own life, develops and changes, breathes, pleases and admires. Let breath of school eхtends to you, let our pleasures become yours and sadness pass you by. We'll tell you about our school live, creative activity of our teachers and pupils, about holidays and everyday live.

On our pages you'll find the information for children, parents and teachers, which is prepared, both by our teachers and pupils. The main purpose of our sit is to present the main information about school, it's daily life and out-of-class activities. You can look through the picture album or watch the virtual school museum.
At the beginning of century XX there were two elementary schools . One was in the village of Debesi and the other was in the village of Gorodniki. The territory on which these two schools were placed belonged to Poland till 1939. After the World War II Debesskaya school was closed. Gorodniki became seven-year, later eight-year school. In 1970 a new school was built in Kolchuny. It was the eight-year school. In 1988 Kolchuny school became secondary. After some years Gorodniki school was closed.

Ancient Greeks spoke that each person was given one life, but if he travelled much he had got as many lives as he had travelled. Today we have possibilities to travel virtually and even in time.

If it happens so that you are free and there's no good book in your hands or TV bores you welcome to our museum. The local history museum in Kolchuny school has been working since December, 2004. This museum was created in honour of our fellow-countryman Endzej Sniadetski (1768 - 1838). The history of Oshmiany region is closely connected with his life and activity. Endzej Sniadetski is a worldfamous scientist of Enlightment epoc, a professor of the University of Vilna, a founder of Vilna medical society.

The exposition of the museum consists of three main sections: "Our Fellow-countryman Endzej Sniadetski", "The Corner of Ethnografy", "School History".

The museum funds contain more than 300 main exhibits and 857 ouxiliary. Special attention of visitors is paid to the exhibits, connected with the life and activity of the scientist E. Sniadetski, recreated due to unnumerous sources and giving them an exclusive character.

The merits of E. Sniadetski, his interesting biography give a good ground for intellectual development and creative selfrealisation of our teachers and pupils.
Various international scientific conferences, seminars, celebrations take place in our museum.
The members of the club "Friends to Museum Affairs" are envolved into educational local historical work at school. "The local Historic leaf" is published by them. Our pupils give not only interesting lectures about history of their region, they also lead cognitive excursions on each section of the expositions in Russian, Belarusian and Polish. They will invite you to pass the local historical tourist track "By the roads of Endzej Sniadetski" (duration of 6 km). the track unites three cultural objects, which are most important and are connected with life and activities of E. Sniadetski in Oshmiany district:
- the ruins of Boltup manor (XVI - XIX centuries);
- the chapel of century XIX and the tomb of E. Sniadetski in the village Gorodniki;
- the local history museum in Kolchuny school.
Our friends regional specialists, scientists and writers from Poland, Lithuania, Grodno, the Oshmiany museum of regional studies named after F. Bogushevich help us in our creative work. The exclusions can be led in any day of the week. You are welcome!

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